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Our Guaranteed SEO Services always show our  confidence in our ability to rank websites on all major search engines
(Google, Netscape,Yahoo, MSN and AOL).

We always back Our SEO services with our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

What does our SEO Guarantee Means?

Our SEO Guarantee is valid for our Business SEO Plan and Advance SEO service plan,  These plans are designed to guarantee Top 10 ranking for the targeted keywords on all major search engines (Google, Netscape,Yahoo, MSN and AOL).

Note: Our SEO Guarantee is governed by our guarantee guidelines, which defines when our Guaranteed SEO services are delivered and when our guarantee has failed.

SEO Guarantee Guidelines

Our SEO Guarantee sets up measurable guidelines, on the basis of which our SEO guarantee can stand delivered or failed. These guidelines are applied on number of keywords that a SEO campaign targets, which can generally vary from 10-50 keywords.

Our SEO Guarantee stands delivered if:

    * If 50% of the targeted keyphrases are in the Top 10 on major search engines.
    * If 70% of the targeted keywords are in the Top 20 on major search engines.
    * Our Top ranking service are valid for any of the two search engines ( Google, Netscape,Yahoo, MSN and AOL).

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Although, it is highly unlikely that we will fail to deliver search engine rankings, but if at all we fail to deliver expected results by the end of contract due date, we will continue our SEO services until we deliver you the final results without any extra charges.

Please note: We at Topseolinks are no magicians. We derive results through proper application of sound SEO techniques, aimed at bringing value to our clients business. It also helps that we have a proven track record!
SEO Guarantee