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We understands how annoying it is to keep paying for an Old SEO provider that is not providing you the followings till now :

1) Quantity of Visitors ( More Number of Visitors Means More Number of Sales and More is the Profit }

2) Quality of Visitors ( visitors which can become buyers) .
      Real Buyers who are searching for Your Product or Service

3)Highest Ranking on Highly Profitable Keywords / Search Terms . ( if you are not on the Top 10 Ranking for the best Profitable keywords , it means you losings more than 95% of Sales daily .

4) Bounce Rate of Visitors :
Google and all Major Search Engines check your bounce rate for any Profitable Keyword and if you are getting Lots of Visitors and if they are not getting the proper information from your website so they exited without giving time to your website , it increases the BOUNCE RATE which decreases your Ranking day by day .

If your Seo Provider has used blackhat/illegal techniques for you , then you will not get the quality Visitors which means your sales will not increase although you are getting more visitors .

Suppose , You provide health product but some one is searching for songs and he got your link but when he come on your website, he got health products which means he will not see the products whatever you are selling because he is interested in Music / songs , so he will exit from your website immediately . This type of SEO optimisation is completely waste + it decrease your quality for GOOGLE .

So You Must get only and only quality visitors which we can help you guranteed + We can reduce your BOUNCE Rate also , if your OLD SEO PROVIDER has created the problem for you .

So, here we are to help you identify what is wrong with your SEO services Or your website ranking .
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