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Topseolinks has kept up using the changing trend of search engines like google and delivered seo solutions time and time again. We invite businesses who wish to outsource their search engine optimization activities to a professional seo firm like us to ensure their good results in their web advertising efforts.

The Topseolinks plan for SEO Resellers

Produce value for the clients company through superior search engine rankings. A happy client is usually an asset as well as your greatest marketer. Now, you can produce true worth for his company and drive the income north-ward. All you need to do is, join; the Topseolinks plan for Search engine optimization service resellers.

Utilizing our time-tested Seo expertise, we'll make sure:

* Customized Search engine optimization services for every of your clients.
* Leading rankings for your clients’ web sites.
* You make considerable earnings, through our reseller commission plan.

This way, you can enhance your personal bottom line with out straight supplying any service to your client; as we'll take care of that part.

Why choose Topseolinks As your Seo Outsourcing Partner?

For our confirmed expertise (because 2001) in the domain of search engine optimization. To make sure the best outcomes, we constantly keep track from the latest search engine algorithms and then device up-to-date strategies; thereby we are on target at most occasions.

In recognition for our total insistence on supplying high quality services below strict deadlines we've been awarded the prestigious ISO 9000:2000 certification. So with Topseolinks you are able to be pretty sure that your client will get the very best possible service.

Acquire as Our Search engine optimization Reseller / Partner

* Fantastic commission structure
* Instant payment following the closure from the deal
* A friendly deal; we won’t poach upon your client and method them to provide our other services. We aspire to build a trustful lengthy term relationship with you.
* Total freedom! You just need to introduce us to your client after which loosen up. This way you will have all of the time to concentrate on your own company and only care to collect the check.

Qualification Criteria for Reseller Plan

* Internet advertising company
* Internet design company
* Public relation business
* Ad agency
* Marketing business
* Any other company having customers in require of visibility on the search engines

Important SEO reseller program

You can participate in our value-added reseller program and add true value to your business bottom line. This program can suit you if, you want to outsource the search engine visibility and ranking part of your clients business model. All you would need to do is handle client relationship and leave the actual SEO work to us. With Topseolinks, you can create value of your client through our exceptional Search Engine Optimization services, while adding to your own businesses bottom line.

Preliminary consultation and proposal forwarding

*You/ company contacts Topseolinks with a request for proposal (RFP) and a project end date.

*We on our part after analyzing the RFP would let you know our proposal within the next 48 hours. The proposal we will submit would contain detailed analysis of your requirements. It would be designed to offer you maximum value

Proposal review and client interaction

*You and the client review the proposal sent by Topseolinks; finalize the website optimization strategy based on the options provided by us.

*In case you need any further clarification, you can contact us immediately. We will be happy to provide you additional information and clarifications.

Launching the project

*After getting your approval, we will render our website optimization services on receipt of the deposit money.

*All the details regarding payment structure would be included in the proposal and your approval will be duly taken.

*We at Topseolinks believe in transparency at all levels. That’s why we will send you monthly search engine positioning reports.

*All the bills would be forwarded to you only and we in no way would be concerned with the financial arrangement you maintain with the client. However, with your approval we may contact the client in case we need any clarifications regarding the search engine ranking strategies that we intend to implement.

Technical terms and conditions

*FTP access : Ideally, FTP access is important to keep track of all the changes on a day to day basis. However, if the term of arrangement between you and your client doesn’t warrant the same, we will send you all the modified pages as a .zip file via e-mail.

*Website modifications : There should be no modifications on the website during the initial 4 week period, as during that period we would be optimizing each page individually as per its characteristics. If at all any modifications are made, we should be intimated immediately.

Commission structure

There is no laid down commission structure for value added resellers, as what you would be effectively doing is up-selling our services. But, we believe in deciding matters on a case by case basis.

Join our value-added reseller program today and let your revenues multiply. You just have to fill our online application form to join our reseller program and witness the rapid growth in your revenues.

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Outsource SEO Projects

Partners and Agencies

We work with many partner agencies ( Resellers ) ranging from globally  listed media agencies to sole trader digital marketing companies.

We can provide either a white-labelled service, or a partnership based around a referral fee or regular commission. We will design an agreement and solution for your individual needs and to suit your client's requirements also.

Most new agency partnerships start off with a one off trial; normally  Link Building or complete SEO Plans. We then develop a long lasting relationship encompassing many clients, campaigns and areas of work. We can help you and your agency increase its depth of service offering and provide expertise in areas in which you may not cover in-house.

These include:

    On-Page SEO reports and advice
    In-house ethical, sustainable, content rich Link Building
    Social Media
    Pay-Per-Click audits and management
    Multilingual Search Marketing campaigns - SEO, PPC and Social Media
    Landing Page Optimisation
    Reputation Management
    Analytics Optimisation and Reporting
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