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Free SEO - Terms & Conditions
Topseolinks offers Free SEO service to help new and existing businesses to understand the value of search engine optimization before committing themselves to any contracts or any SEO company.

Topseolinks charges absolutely nothing for the services outlined below. No credit card needed either.

Topseolinks team will identify the most sought for keyword based on your feedback on the form and our own research.

Optimization of your site includes updating meta tags, title tag, description tag, keywords tag, etc., inserting the keyword where appropriate on the content, optimizing images, etc. Complete onpage and offpage both

Our team will then sign you up to receive weekly reports showing your site’s position on any of the search engines you have selected.

The team will then access your site using an File Transfer Protocol access provided by you and optimize the homepage of your site for the identified keyword.We require to have a File Transfer Protocol  access to be able to optimize your site. Without an FTP access, we’re unable to provide you with the Free SEO services.

Your Web site’s File Transfer Protocol Access is 100% secure with us. We’re a reputable SEO company with hundreds of clients all-over the world.

Although, the services are free, we require that you keep our SEO code on your site for at least one year. Also, by signing up, you are giving us your permission to place our  code on your website. This in no way harms your site.

Topseolinks makes absolutely no guarantees or warranties about the sites position on any of the search engines. However, we will implement our on-site and offsite  SEO techniques. Click here  on Guaranteed SEO Plans if you wish to have a guaranteed top of Google position or guaranteed first page of Google position for your keywords